Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beta stage testing has begun!

We are well and truly into the development process now, with our beta stage and testing beginning earlier this week. So far, we've tested about eight people, each with interesting observations and ways of playing our game. Overall, we have had good feedback about the game, with players complimenting the game's aesthetics, control scheme and ideas.

A few of the most important things that were frequently brought up:

1. We need to communicate the level objectives more clearly to players.

2. On the same note, we need to be able to show the players exactly what the aforementioned electricity boxes do.

3. The user interface needs a bit of work. Several users found the goo meter quite hard to notice.

4. Costs of the traps are not particularly clear. This ties in with point 3.

5. The amount of time you can hang on the grappling hook for needs to be made explicit.

It's all a matter of fixing these particular issues and retesting next week. Good luck to us!

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